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Heavy Weight Lifting Gloves & Hook

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One Size Fits Most

TAKE YOUR EXERCISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Our Heavy Weight Hooks are a MUST for deadlifts and you should already know that. Also used for pull-ups and many other exercises like shrugs, calf raises and more. Most of us have weak forearms which hold us back from getting the result we want. But here is that special thing that can help you with that!


EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: Great powerlifting steel hooks. With great quality and nice touch fabric.


NO MORE BLISTERS AND SORE HANDS: If you do heavy deadlifts your hands are on fire, but thanks to the steel hooks, each hand is protected and no matter how heavy the barbell is, you will be 100% secure! 


BETTER THAN LIFTING STRAPS: If you have a weak grip and small hands, these superb weightlifting hooks are for you! The lifting grips provide comfort to maximize your training session.