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The Ultimate Fat Burning Solution (Fader)

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If receiving a total body burn is your goal this is the package for you. This Fat Burning Solution is conveniently packaged to help you maximize the potential to burn fat and keep it off.  

This popularly recommended solution contains an assortment of products designed to work together for optimal results, offered at the best possible value. Work toward your fat burning goals, using daily nutritional support and Lipo Slimming Gel. Receive additional support from the Ugly Sweat Waist Fader to help activate lipolysis.

  • Rev'ed Up (Pre-Workout)
  • ReCupe (BCAA)
  • Ugly Sweat Waist Fader
  • Fat Burner (Lipo Burn or Ez Burn)
  • Ugly Sweat Slimming System
    • Lipo Slimming Gel, Cellulite Firming Lotion, Hydration Mist 
* Note: Do not order Lipo Burn with out reading the facts on Lipo Burn this is an enhanced formula and high in caffeine.  EZ Burn is a lighter yet still effective option*