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Level 1/2 Sweattox 30 Day Guide

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Introducing the 30 day pocket guide to detox, fat loss, and good health. This ultimate starter booklet is designed to help you jump start your transformation.  

Your complete Level 1 and 2 workout, lose weight guide to a new you. This booklet is meant to be followed along with the UGLY SWEAT app.  Subscribe to SWEAT SESSIONS and select DAY 1 and get started your your transformation. 

Reaching and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good for your overall health. Many people want to Feel great, Have more energy, and See results. 

Not all programs are created equal and we understand that a person’s weight is the result of many things: height, genes, metabolism, behavior, and environment.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires keeping a balance. You must balance the calories you get from food and beverages (energy IN) with the calories you use to keep your body going and being physically active (energy OUT). Along with maintaining an active regimen. 

This 30 day guide is going to help you find that balance and get you back on track. 

 Best suited for:

Someone who loves tracking their day. 

- Someone ready to transform.

The plan is laid out. All you have to do is follow it for 30 days. We guarantee you will see changes!

* this guide comes FREE with the Sweattox and Sweattox Plus or it can be purchased separately*