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Raw Sea Moss 4oz

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Our St. Lucian Imported Sea Moss is WILDCRAFTED, VEGAN, RAW, NON-GMO and GLUTEN FREE.

SEA MOSS consist of 92 of the 102 minerals the body is composed of providing dense nutrients to the body on a cellular level.

Sea Moss is a mineral dense supplement that is a key agent used in detoxing the body and assisting it in achieving optimal health. It is a great component for dieting and cutting cravings, assisting you in feeling sufficient for longer periods of time and delaying hunger.

Organically wildcrafted from nature, not grown in a pool farm

(Makes approx 8-10 jars. Some have seen close to 15)

No added chemicals

No added preservatives

No added Salt

Zero additives

Sun dried by nature

Benefits of Sea Moss

- Rich in essential nutrients
- Boost immune system
- Reduces inflammation
- Maintains bone strength
- Nutrition for glowing, healthy skin
- Improved sexual health
- Supports a healthy gut
- Prevents Congestions
- Improves mental function
- Supports emotional health
- Supports Thyroid
- Rids body of mucus
+ More!


How to Make

1. Rinse Sea Moss thoroughly, washing away any debris from the sea.

2. Soak in clean spring water between 6-10 hrs (until soft/gelatinous). Add limes and lemons to cut down bitterness taste. 

3. Add to blender with water in a ratio of 1 cup of Sea Moss to 1.5-2 cups of distilled/purified/spring water. Blend until smooth and creamy. Refrigerate or freeze after preparation!



*Iodine and magnesium for thyroid function

*Collagen for skin, joints & connective tissues

*Helps muscles recover after an intense workout

*Reduces mucus, inflammation

*Balances hormones, increases libido

Use Irish Sea Moss gel in your food or as a hair or skin mask. It helps to tighten the skin and minimize pores while adding minerals.

Use the gel as a thickener in smoothies, soups, porridge, salad dressings, stews, and more.

Instructions on how to make the Sea Moss gel will be included in your order.