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Level 1 Workout Plan

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ADD TO CART for a one-time cost of $400.00 for a complete 9 month plan, or click the links below for $6.25 a week plan options (billed once every 8 weeks)

Men's Weekly Plan          Women's Weekly Plan

Level 1 - Weight-loss is an 8 week intro plan available in six segment blocks. This is designed for every individual hoping to lose weight or find new motivation in the gym or at home. Level one is also for those who are returning to a fitness lifestyle because life has brought about changes. Level one primary focus is all about losing weight and feeling great. Perfect for the individual wanting to lose 40-150+ pounds.

Note: At the end of each training segment, customers can upgrade to the next level, or continue to be billed for the existing level.

All plans are recurring until you opt to stop the plan.