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Online Customized Personal Training

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All customized plans require a FREE 45 minute in person or phone consultation to discuss your fitness and nutritional needs. Consultations must be conducted prior to receiving payment. If you are new to Nuvu Fit you will have a 30 day introductory period. This will give you the chance to evaluate me and me to evaluate you. After the 30 day introductory period you may sign up for 60, 90, 120, or 180 day plans.

Custom Online Fitness & Nutrition

A fully customized plan that is monitored and adjusted based on progress. Workouts and Nutrition will be available via an app. You can track and watch videos plus have access to me on a regular. Updates will occur weekly to ensure you reach your fitness goals.

Custom Online Fitness Plan Only

Customized 3 or 6 day fitness plan designed to achieve your goals. Progress is evaluated weekly along with feedback to make sure you are staying on target. Workouts are developed and assigned weekly. All workouts will be uploaded to an app. You can track your progress, watch videos, and have communication with me.

Custom Online Nutrition Plan Only

A Customized nutrition plan monitored and altered based on your progress. Redesigned weekly to ensure success. A complete guide to eating healthy based on your lifestyle. Weekly changes to help achieve your personal nutritional goals.

In Person Workout Sessions

In person workouts are beneficial for those that need the added push and motivation to get started. Space and time is limited and currently available in the Pearland, TX and Stafford, TX area.