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Dual Shaker

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    • TWO MIXES IN ONE SHAKER - DUAL MIX GRIDS- EASY TO USE: stop carrying two shaker bottles to the gym, school or work. Stay prepared with the only high performance shaker that can keep you fueled for any situation. Not just limited to pre workout, bcca, or protein drinks either, add any mix for a hydration charge.  Mix all That Stuff in your That Stuff Nutrition cup. 
    • HOLDS 20oz TOTAL- 10 oz on each side. That's enough for a scoop and a half of your favorite protein drinks. 
    • DURABLE - Locking clips tested to last upwards of one million bends. That Stuff Nutrition cup is designed for the toughest workouts.
    • LEAK PROOF SEAL - Snaps in secure unlike twist on lids. There is a rubber gasket seal that seals the lid completely closed guaranteeing no leaks. Other shakers have the twist lids that warp or bend over time.
    • That Stuff Nutrition cup lid design stays lock tight every time.
    • BPA Free - Dishwasher Safe. After your workouts throw it in a dishwasher for a quick clean.

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