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Booty Hip Bands

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What's included:

  • Set of 3 Fabric Resistance Bands.
  • Portable black case to store your bands together.
  • Training Guide to get you started.

All new UGLY SWEAT Fabric Resistance Bands will help you tone your legs and build your booty. These unique bands are super easy to use, and you will start seeing results with just 20 minutes of workout a day. THEY WILL NEVER SLIP, BREAK OR ROLLBACK!!

  • No Rolling or Slipping: The thick fabric and the inner latex grip ensure that the bands will not roll or slip during ANY exercise.
  • Durable: Strong fabric is woven with unique stretch fibers to give you a wide range of motion. These Anti-slip with inner layer bands will never snap. Latex Wire, Polyester, Double Side Stitching, Inline Latex.
  • Comfortable: The fabric is soft yet sturdy. It will not dig in or pinch your skin. Fabric Thickness is 40mm.
  • Challenge yourself with heavy, medium, and light resistance. Our bands also have the benefit of being the same size (40mm) – the resistance comes from different elasticity within the fabric. This means they provide resistance with a full range of motion.


*contains latex*