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Rubber Fitness Resistance Bands 10-50LBS

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Resistance bands to help build strength and muscle. 

Department Name: Unisex
Application: Resistance Bands
Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Model Number: 5 Level Resistance Bands
Item: 5 Level Resistance Bands
Material: Natural Latex
Color: Black
Size: L 25*W 5cm
Application: Sport Training Workout,Yoga Pilates, Exercise Workout Training Pull Up
Feature: High Strength,Very Light and Easily Portable
Black-X Light: 500x50x0.5mm, 10-12lbs
Black-Light: 500x50x0.7mm, 15-20lbs
Black-Medium: 500x50x0.9mm,25-30lbs
Black-Heavy: 500x50x1.1mm,35-40lbs
Black-X Heavy: 500x50x1.3mm,45-50lbs