Are you interested in Personal Training or Group Fitness Training?

Nuvu Fit offers Body Weight or Equipment focused training & nutrition programs designed to help you meet your fitness goals.

Transform your body with our unique fitness model that will allow you to transition through five levels of fitness and achieve your goals. Start at Level 1 and, with complete dedication, in 1 year and 6 months end up at Level 5 ready to start bodybuilding/fitness competition training. Even if you do not want to compete you will have that summer beach body. 

One time payment options or Click the links for $6.25 a week options.

5 levels of gym training:

Level 1 - Weight Loss
Level 2 - Fitness
Level 3 - Tone up
Level 4 - Performance
Level 5 - Physique 

Having a gym membership is not a necessity because Home Workouts are also available.

4 Week Home Workout

12 Week Home Workout

About the program:

Week 1-2 will focus on strength, week 3 you will move into a hypertrophy state. It is important that you increase your reps during this period as prescribed. If the workout is too easy increase your weight or add 5 burpees. If your desire is to push even harder you may consider gym workouts. 

What is required:

- Dedication
- Willingness to push yourself
- A timer to keep you on schedule

Home Training:

Building a great physique at home is possible. You only need a small investment. Everything else you might use like the wall or a chair you already have access to.

What is recommended:

- Dumbbells
- Resistance bands
- Kettle bells
- Jump rope
- Mat
- Pull up bar

What is included:

- Access to the app
- Full nutrition schedule 
- Exercises with videos 
- Fitness Schedule that will keep you organized.
- Weekly progress reports

2 options:

- 4 week option allows you to try the program, see if it is challenging enough, will it work to meet your needs. 
- 12 week option will take you through a full process to ensure your physique is changing and will build strength, tone, and loss body fat.

What your online training includes:

-Online and App access
-Detailed calendar of fitness plan
-New training plan every week
-Nutrition plan
-Email support 7 days/week

What I expect from you: 

100% commitment
Clear goals
Open to lifestyle/nutrition, exercise changes

At Synergy Nuvu we understand that creating a new lifestyle takes time so our plans are designed with that concept in mind. Each level is broken down in segment blocks. This gives you the opportunity to advance yourself to the next level at the end of each segment. Each level will only be active for up to 1 year. We are confident that if you stick to the plan within 1 year you will be ready to move to the next